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Your Ceremony Your Way

Your Ceremony Your Way

Your Ceremony Your Way Your Ceremony Your Way Your Ceremony Your Way

I'm Jo Maden, LifeCycle Celebrant®️


I write and officiate

My passions are creating original ceremonies of transition for every life stage and unique milestone and introducing meditation to individuals and small groups. I welcome the opportunity to include rituals that honor individual beliefs, interests and cultural traditions into your unique ceremonial or meditation experience.

I listen

This is YOUR ceremony. It is your story or your loved one's story being celebrated.  It is my joy and my job to create an original ceremony that reflects your vision and wishes for this special milestone. We are collaborative partners in the creation of your ceremony; through interviews and writing prompts I invite you to share stories, wishes, beliefs and passions with me so that I can craft a truly original celebration for you.

I am a Certified LifeCycle Celebrant®️

As a Certified LifeCycle Celebrant®️ I am professionally trained  and certified in the history, writing and performing of ceremonies by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute. I am not affiliated with any faith community or religious doctrine which allows me to create ceremonies that reflect the unique beliefs of my clients whether religious, spiritual or secular.